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Organizer Spotlight- Dr. Catherine Robinson

Updated: Apr 29

Dr. Catherine Robinson is the program director at One Voice, and she heads up the Energy Democracy/ Environmental Climate Justice program. Dr. Robinson is a grassroots organizer with more than ten years of expertise in creating impactful solutions for workers and community partners in various areas within the industry of labor unions, electric cooperatives, and environmental effects on climate change. She is the mother of two wonderful children, Michael and Mason. Here are a few questions she answered for us.

What does a soft place (a place of full belonging) mean to you as a Black Woman Organizer? As a Black Woman Organizer, seeing a woman of color in authority positions gives me the feeling of belonging. We are shifting the narrative of leadership, which our ancestors fought daily for us as women to have the power to make a change. As a woman of color, the feeling of belonging is realizing I'm not alone; the work of justice is intricately a part of my purpose, which makes me happy, and understanding that being a Black Woman Organizer, we are daughters, mothers, sisters, and leaders because and we create power for everything.

Who is a Black woman organizer, elder, or ancestor you lean on for guidance, wisdom, etc, in your organizing work, and why? I am a doubter. I question everything I do. I always look for guidance from the older generations because they have experienced and lived more than I do. I always look to them for support because I am big on loving and embracing each other as women. Therefore, my list is long. My rock, of course, has always been my mother and grandmother. These two women gave me life and taught me always to smile regardless of the situation. They have taught me different ways to balance and realize my struggles today do not determine my path tomorrow. They are my light and strength. They keep me on my toes!

What brings you joy? My family, friends, and support system bring me joy daily. My biggest joys are my sons, Michael and Mason. I love organizing because I know my work will benefit them one day.

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